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A Family Company Since 1879 Inspired by the generations that came before us, we have dedicated our lives to the art of beautiful eyewear. For over 140 years the Erker family continues to design high quality, fine eyewear that can last a lifetime.  

The Generations that came before us contributed greatly to the success of our company. We truly believe that the only way to make great products in the future is to appreciate and give thanks to those who helped pave the way. We honor our ancestors and their milestones within our company with the emblems below. Throughout our collection you will find these insignias discretely placed throughout our collection.

Ferris Wheel

In our latest release you will find the Ferris Wheel hidden in different places throughout our 2019 eyewear collection. The Ferris Wheel is an important part of Erker's Eyewear history. In 1904, the World's fair was held in St. Louis, MO, and very first Ferris Wheel was at this incredible event. People came from all over the world to see this incredible new invention. Erker's Eyewear was the official photographer of the 1904 World's Fair and have incredible pictures of documenting this incredible part of our history.


The Lion is another important image we use throughout our frames. The lion, which represents strength, and courage, is important to us because it adorns the building where our company has been for over 100 years. A historical building with beautiful architecture, there are over 1,000 individual lions throughout this incredible building. When designing frames we are able to get inspiration from the incredible architecture seen on many buildings throughout St. Louis, MO. 


In the early morning of Friday, May 20, 1927, Lindbergh took off for his historic flight from Roosevelt Field across the Atlantic Ocean for Paris, France. He would successfully reach his final destination the following day.  Instantly becoming an international celebrity. Erker's helped play a very small part in his success by creating state of the art Goggles for his now infamous flight. 

Est 1879

Founded in 1879

5 Generations


Family Business

Family Crest

Founded in Saint Louis. MO in 1879 by A.P. Erker, the company remains under family control today. The company maintains its headquarters in Saint Louis, for past 140 years. 

For 140 Years and 5 Generations, the Erker name has been synonymous with eyewear. We are a family company who looks into the past to build on our future. Our heritage brand reflects the passion and hard work dedicated to our profession


Located on the Mighty Mississippi, St. Louis is where we call home. The Erker family has deep roots throughout this great city. 

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